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California is a state where relaxation and easy-going routines are essential. Surfing and shopping and enjoying the weather are typical everyday activities, and people love the hustle and bustle of a busy city. But unfortunately, California is also known for its high speeding tickets, growing automobile insurance rates, and for some

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annoying penalties to boot. Speeding tickets in the state of California can vary, but fines can typically exceed $400 for speeding well over the posted speed limit.

However, even if you were technically at fault for speeding when a cop pulls you over, you do have some options to protect yourself during the moment AND before and during any possible court proceedings. No matter what, never admit guilt. This can, and more than likely WILL, be used against you by the police officer if the matter of the speeding ticket ever continues into the courtroom. By admitting guilt, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot–so the best way to accept a speeding ticket is cautiously and with good manners and etiquette–this means pulling the “Yes, Sir, no Sir,” technique with your police officer.

When the police officer pulls you over and present themselves in front of your driver’s side door, roll down the window and play it safe on the side of acting naive. When the officer asks you, “do you know why I pulled you over,” let them know that you don’t. A simple “No, Sir, I am not aware.” By being polite to the officer, this may help you down the road in court when you are protesting your speeding ticket. Getting upset and angry with the police officer will only make the officer angry and more than likely he’ll remember you when your day in court arrives.

If you don’t pay your speeding ticket, you do have the right to protest the speeding ticket within the California courts. Speeding tickets can be contested if you can provide evidence and information that puts you as the non-guilty party, and you will definitely have an edge if the police officer doesn’t show or fails to provide very much evidence to accuse you of the charges documented. If you are found guilty, you may have to attend traffic school, which is entirely a judge’s decision.

Don't get caught speeding

If you find yourself facing a hefty fine for a speeding ticket you obtained in the state of California, it’s a good job to make sure you have everything documented for the sake of any court proceedings that may ensue. No one enjoys the court system, but with a little well-documented data and some information from our website, you can fight your speeding ticket in the California court system without a lawyer or other form of representation. Knowledge is a powerful thing when it comes to fighting traffic tickets, so if you’re looking to duck out from under the penalties of speeding, now is the time to learn the tricks and techniques to help you fight and beat that California speeding ticket!

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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There are other times when you can utilize the commute lane without getting a ticket. Commute lanes, otherwise known as carpool lanes or HOV (High Occupancy buying online propecia Vehicles) lanes, are lanes designated on freeways specifically for certain vehicle specifications. When can you drive in a commute lane? Commute lanes vary depending on the county, but as a general rule of the road, you can drive in the carpool lane if you have two or more people in your vehicle. If you are driving a bus or are on a motorcycle, you may also use the special freeway lane.  If you have a low-emission vehicle, one that is better for the environment to drive, you can receive a sticker from the Department of Motor Vehicles that designates your car as such. You can drive your car in the commute lane if your car boasts this special DMV-issued sticker.Some commute lanes also have posted times in which they can or cannot be used. Be sure to pay attention to signs on the road stating such specifications in order to avoid getting a commute lane ticket on your California driving record!

Also, commute lanes also designate certain areas where you can enter and exit the lane. Be sure to not cross over any double parallel solid lines in order to get on or off the carpool lane–there will be specific areas marked as areas safe to exit and enter. By not following the rules of the road when it comes to commute lanes, you may risk getting a commute lane ticket from the California police.

If you end up being faced with a commute lane ticket due to not following the posted rules provided regarding the carpool lane, there are a few things to remember. When you are pulled over, quickly make note of the conditions around you. Was there an unforeseen circumstance that caused you to make an error while using the commute lane? Was weather affecting your driving? Or perhaps you crossed into the commute lane due to the reckless driving of another driver on the road, and you were just driving defensively. Make sure you take note of any situations that may have been the reason for you not abiding the rules of the road.

Be sure to be polite and respectful to the police officer that pulls you over. Never admit guilt or fault, and let the police officer do his job without being too disruptive or making excuses for the incident. Also, ensure that the ticket you receive is error-free. If there is an error on your commute ticket, be sure to kindly point it out to the police officer for correction–such an error can cause some problems if you ever end up going to court to contest the commute ticket.

Once the police officer has left the scene, write down the conditions around you that you made a mental note of in order to solidify them for contesting your commute lane ticket down the road. Keep all the information regarding your ticket together in one spot, so you can easily access the information and utilize it in the best way possible to help you fight and BEAT your commute lane ticket in the state of California!

Ronald Cupp PhD

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These days, we all live in a fast-paced world. We have fast food, because apparently regular home-cooking just isn’t fast enough. We get our email and internet on the go, instantly. We make instant coffee, use instant messengers, instant on-line credit approvals, and make instant jell-o. It’s a world of instant gratification. So when it comes to driving our cars, whether it’s on the way to work or out with some friends, the last thing we want to be faced with is a yellow light. In fact, most of us put the pedal to the metal to try to beat it. And some of us are unsuccessful at escaping the red light ticket that follows. The red light camera catches most of us.

There are two ways you can receive a red light ticket in the state of California. You can either be presented with photo evidence from the courthouse (a photo taken from a camera on the light post) or you can be pulled over on-the-spot, as it happens, by a police officer.

If you’re pulled over at the site where it happened, you need to follow the standard procedures when it comes to confronting a police officer. In order to fight and beat your red light ticket in court, you buying propecia online need to be respectful and well-mannered with the police officer. Do not admit fault or guilt, and keep a relaxed tone with the officer. Also, make sure after you receive your red light ticket, that you look over it to make sure there are no errors that need to be corrected at the time of the incident. This way, you can avoid any misunderstandings if the red light ticket ever comes to the courtroom.

If you receive a red light ticket in the form of a picture of your vehicle, you still have a chance at fighting this outside of court. As easy as it may be to think that you’re stuck with the photo evidence, there are ways to fight a red light camera ticket in court. Even though technology is advancing, there are issues that can still make a red light camera provide insufficient evidence. Depending on the clarity of the camera’s picture, you can argue numerous things. Sometimes, wind can cause these images to be blurry. Lighting can also affect the quality of the image, making it too bright or too dark. In many cases, the license plates can be hard to decipher and the driver can be difficult to determine through the windshield. These are all technicalities that you can use in court in order to fight your red light ticket.

No matter how you are faced with a red light ticket in California, you do have options and ways around it. If you can provide evidence that you are not guilty, or if the police officer that pulled you over fails to provide evidence that you are indeed responsible–let alone if they even show up in court. You do have a chance at fighting, and beating, your California red light ticket–it’s just knowing HOW that is half the battle.

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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It happens to the best of us. We’re driving our car with a friend in the passenger seat who is talking to another friend on their cell phone that has to talk to you quickly about something. You take the cell phone, start having a conversation, and before you know it, you’re being pulled over for using a handheld cell phone. Oops.

Talking on your cell while driving is a no no

Don’t worry. Even though the state of California has had a ban on using a handheld cell phone while driving since the middle of 2008, you may still have some options when it comes to fighting and beating a cell phone ticket in California courts.

But first, it’s important to understand the laws California has in place regarding cell phone usage while driving. There are, in fact, a few exceptions to the law, but these are only for when the phone is being used for certain circumstances, such as if you are making an emergency phone call, using an emergency vehicle, or are operating a vehicle on private property. It is highly encouraged that if you need to talk on the phone while driving, you use a push-to-talk device or a push-to-talk feature that may be on your cell phone. Another way to have a conversation while driving is by using a hands-free cell phone device, using Bluetooth technology for a wireless experience, or just waiting until you have a chance to pull over or stop.

A cell phone ticket in the state of California carries a hefty price tag. The typical fine for a first offense cell phone use in the state of California will run you around $80. A second offense can cost almost $200. Either way, whether it’s a first offense or a second offense, the violation WILL be reported on your finasteride propecia driving record. This can affect your insurance rates, and can cause a suspension of your driver’s license if you receive too many “points” on your driving record in the state of California. So although the cell phone ban may seem a little silly to you, it won’t be so funny when you can no longer drive your car or your insurance rates skyrocket due to your violations.

There are numerous states other than California that support the handheld cell phone ban. Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington are all supporters of the cell phone ban, and in any of these states, you can be pulled over for using your cell phone and ticketed. Some states, like Utah, will pull you over if you are using a cell phone AND committing another form of a moving violation, but cannot pull you over just for cell phone use. Many states do not have handheld cell phone laws that can result in a ticket from a police officer, but it is typically a good idea to stay off the road while talking on your cell phone, regardless of the state in which you reside.

By knowing the handheld cell phone laws in effect in California, you can better understand how to avoid a cell phone ticket, and if you do receive one, the grounds in which you can have it dismissed. Fight and beat your cell phone ticket.

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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I went to the Circus today, it was the open traffic ticket court line where you sign up for the privilege of going to the cashier to pay money. I got there 20 minutes early (7:40 am for 8am court call), and there was already 87 people in front of me (yes-I had time to count them), as 8 o’clock came, there was now in excess of 200 people standing in a ring line around the packed hallway waiting for the doors to open.

The door opened, and I heard one of the girls who work there who came out, “we are scheduling for the open traffic court today, we can take 30 people for the court session”. (funny, I heard that and thought, what is everybody else here for if they can only take 30 people?) As the line meandered, most of us shifted our stance from foot to foot or leaned up against the wall. As it took us till 8:30 am when a very pissed off blond girl came out and announced to everyone in the hallway that they were filled up and that the *******’s did not have the ****’s to come out and tell us.

We all looked around and then about 5 minutes later one of the clerk girls came out and announced that “the ‘court calendar’ was full now, to come back. Tomorrow is a furlough day, so Thursday is the next day. Anybody who is at their deadline, to wait in line and get an extension”.

The grumbles and moaning continuing, with several comments like ‘This **** has got to stop, someone has to do something about this!’. There was a rush of people (men-women-young-old-poor and wealthy) all dragging their feet as they realized that they just wasted their time that morning and ‘could not get an audience with the cashier’ (traffic commissioner) that day.

So with over 200 people, they took 70ish and sent 130 home. Talk propecia finasteride about a business that has plenty of customers in this recession! It’s like a guaranteed future receivable to come back and pay at their convenience. It reminded me of Brad Pitt in ‘Inglorious Bastards’ where he says ‘My business is killing Nazi’s, and business is A Booming!”

I already have had two extensions, and was told my last one was it. No more. (I was not there for fun, on August 4, 2009, I was on my way to a job. Stopped at a stop sign, but the cop said I had not completely stopped and my bumper was sticking over the white line-so a Stop Sign ticket).

They (the County) got so busy they could not even send out their ‘courtesy notices’. Now aint that a courtesy? I had not received my notice so I went in around December 15th, and got my extension. I went back on February 23rd and got my FINAL extension for March 23rd. (I went to court today as I will be gone next week). So today, I get my final, final extension to come back end of April. Who know’s where it will end. It is now 8 months and I won’t appear in front of the Commissioner for 9 months from the stop sign ticket.

There was a whole article (Called Traffic-ticket gridlock on January 29, 2010) in the Press Democrat about the county now is going to write 80,000 tickets this year. Where they can’t even get the ‘courtsey notices’ sent out in time (45 days) and that they have the night shift cops, etc working on it every extra moment. It’s their revenue!!

Talk about a business! Where else can you have standing clients and only service about 35%, and constantly tell the unserviced to come back without losing business. And to take ‘furlough days’ when you can’t even service your existing customers. (I know the State is broke, can you see why?)

Funny part was, I was grinning as I have been trained by CaTicketBusters and I knew what I was going to do and when to do it. I can’t wait for my day in court! There is no feeling in the world like the security and confidence you get when you are not scared and you can stand up against bullies and defend yourself. I handed out a couple of cards to some of the protesters who where still there that looked like they were ready to take the next step.

And so it continues  . . . . . . will keep you updated on the court appearance.

Ronald Cupp

Your Advocate

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