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This is the information blog for www.caticketbusters.com.

If this is your first visit to our site, you will soon know we mean business. Your business fighting the traffic courts unlawful, money grubbing, tax and fee collecting, business. Our system works for all types of tickets, not just speeding, but red light tickets, commuter lane tickets, stop sign tickets, cell phone tickets, and seat belt tickets. It works for any and all ‘infractions’ and NTA’s (Notice to Appear’s).

So it has worked with Animal Control, Fish and Game, Parks and Recreation, and even Building Departments. Once you learn your basic rights, you can use it constantly for all your daily activities, and feel empowered and confident in your actions throughout your daily lives. As I say, we don’t give you a fish, we teach you how to fish. Careful though, empowering yourself is as addicting as crack cocaine! You always want to learn more!.

Look at the success stories at www.fightandbeattrafficticket.com!

Although there is a fee for joining, it is not about the money.  I have been a full time contractor for 29 years, and that is my business. This site is my passion. I learned from a group of friends how to use the legal system against itself, and won, and won, and won again. It has been a roller coaster of a ride, with trials and tribulations all along the way. Each of us in the group has had different types of ‘tickets’ and we collectively worked thru our attacks by the legal system. We worked as a collective team helping our friends and relatives get dismissals and jam up the system (for free) as time allows, but it constantly changes.

I took it upon myself to try and put it on line for the masses to use, to help everybody. It consumes me, and although I thought it would be fast, simple and easy, it has not been. The law stays the same, but how the courts interpret it vary and how they conduct their business varies even more. For a system of ‘black and white’ law with rules and regulations, it has been an eye opener to see that one county does something different than another, and that one Judge does something different than another Commissioner (even in the same Jurisdiction).

It’s fun, enlightening, and powerful. Please browse through as much of the info on the blog, please make your comments and forward off to friends who need help.

Come on, join the team, and help your friends and relatives ‘Bust Their Tickets’!

Ronald Cupp PhD

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