Are you willing to Pay the Price? How far is ENOUGH to Fight & Beat your Traffic Ticket?

By Ronald Cupp PHD

For the last year, I have run up against several people whom have taken some of the information we have been teaching, and using it ‘half heartedly’ to attempt to protect their rights. How far is ENOUGH to Fight & Beat your Traffic Ticket?

Lately we have had several people who have notified me that they were going to take ‘the deal’ the Commissioner or System ‘offered’ them, because they thought they were getting the ‘better deal’. Understand there is no right or wrong in this matter, it is whatever works for you in this instance at this time and place you are at.

Example: Nichole from Santa Rosa got her time extentions (2 each-over phone and internet-so she did not have to go to the courthouse) for a commute lane ticket, then went to propecia hair court when it was her time. She was unsure, and I took probably 8 calls to reassure her of what was going to happen, what they would probably say, and what her responses should be. But she did not really watch the videos or go online and read all the documentation I have on the website. She would call and ask me questions that were easily answered on the membership site, so I know she did not put in the time. No one can defend you but yourself. Its an understanding and stick up for yourself thing!

She had her first appearance, requested the Verified Complaint and more time to plea, and was given 3 days (She went on Monday and was told to come back on Thursday), which was not enough time for her. (She was DENIED a Verified Complaint in writing-cuz the Notice To Appear-in the Commissioners eyes was a valid Verified Complaint), she had a sure win and dismissal!

She should have held her ground and got the 30 days to be able to ‘talk to an attorney’ or for ‘discovery’. I coached her some more, filled out her peremptory challenge (170.6 to change Commissioners), and sent her back into the Lion’s den. When she appeared the 2nd time (Thursday), the Commissioner told her she would have to go down the hall and see the ‘other’ Commissioner and appear NOW. When she appeared before the 2nd Commissioner, she was ‘offered’ a deal and took it because she did not want to go back to appear a 3rd time. She thought taking off work a 3rd time was not worth it. (She was NOT eligible for traffic school) The new Commissioner ‘offered’ her traffic school (since it would not appear on her record) and she took it. So now what? She had to pay the cost of the ticket ($499) and the traffic school ($89), and wasted the time she already took off, still has to perform the traffic school, and now cannot take traffic school again for 18 months.

So let’s go over the numbers. A normal cycle of appearance goes something like this. Minimum 2 times and sometimes up to 4 times depending on what they throw at you and what you are charged with.
1. Get your extentions, either in person (phone or internet best way).
2. Get your first appearance (open traffic court),
3. 2nd appearance, normally a dismissal, if not, get your extension and file your papers that we show you how.
4. The two appearances take approx 2 hours each, 3rd time could be 6 hours total. That’s $588 cost savings for 4 hours time ($147 per hour) plus she still had to do the traffic school time! Don’t ever forget, Time is Money also!

Was it worth it? Yes, it was to her. And ultimately it is always YOUR decision. You need to figure how far you want to go to fight and beat your traffic ticket, and if you decide not to go all the way, then so be it. Be OK with it. Lot’s of people start and then decide it is not worth going all the way, especially when the ‘court’ offers you ‘the deal’. Understand this though, they would not offer you the deal if they HAD you!

I also had a drunk in public case, and the person did a couple of appearances, was up against 60 court appointed AA classes (which had to be paid for also), loss of license, the cost of the ticket $150, etc. He had them, but decided to take a $50 fine and probation instead of another appearance. To him it was worth it.

FYI-this is how it works…..He is now dealing with a charge of battery (fighting in public-he was defending someone’s honor in a bar/restaurant and a fight ensued. Charges and counter charges were filed. The kicker is that he COULD BE IN VIOLATION OF HIS PROBATION! See how this can come back and bite you in the butt! (We feel we can get the charges on both sides dropped on this to make it go away).

If you understand anything, understand this. It will not cost you any more in time and money to fight and beat your traffic ticket than to walk away from it and take the ‘deal’. Normally they will offer you ‘something less’. And if you decide to take it, take it knowingly and be OK with it. As my Dad used to say “It’s better than a jab in the eye with a sharp stick”!

Ronald Cupp PhD
Your Advocate

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