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By Ronald Cupp PHD

What was I thinking? We have been helping people and evolving for a long time, and it was mostly referrals and word of mouth. A friend of a friend would get a California Traffic Ticket and heard that we ‘got their friend off’ so they would ask for our help. We would just keep on trucking on.

Our evolution was and is on the same path. Change is the only constant. So as we learned how to beat any traffic, speeding, cell phone, commuter lane, stop sign, red light or red light camera and seat belt tickets, we were off to the races.

It’s not, and never was, about getting away with something. It is about being abused by Big Brother or Government because the masses who are not in the trenches everyday don’t think it is important enough to argue. But when it hits them, then they want to stand up for their rights.

And this is how it happens. Our exposure is so limited that we don’t keep up on it. Like me I went 10 years without a ticket, then wham! I was hit square in the face merck propecia with a couple, and two I thought were unjust.

All this is just to let you know that when we fight the tickets, we don’t try and argue the ticket. You always lose then (not always, just 99.999%) because it’s your word against the officers. We use the legal system against itself! I am in the advanced stages of this learning and I go to appeals court to watch and learn on the upper arena.

I just saw a case that a man appealed his cell phone ticket. The policeman was over 100 yards away when he saw this man talking on his cell phone. The man had an earphone and was talking on his cell phone hands free. He also had a passenger with him who testified to the same effect. Case lost in lower court, cops word against his. Had to get the $142 for the state coffers.

Where’s the justice? Don’t know how his appeal came out since the judge (supposed to be 3 but there were 1 and he conceded) took it under submission and would render his decision in writing within two weeks. He (the judge) did say he could NOT hear any new or changed testimony since it was not his position to retry the case, just to observe that the lower court did not make any errors.

There I go again, getting off track. You can see how my and our passion works!

Anyway, this is about testimonials! So we would get phone messages that they beat their charges. We would get emails telling us what happened and that they had won. We started asking locals to come in and do a short testimonial of what happened and how our system worked. Remember we are only teaching you how to stand up for your rights, using your legal rights against the court. It was overwhelming the response.

We always felt like the underground, not wanting to be on the forefront or up in public. Kind of still do. We don’t practice law, we just keep reading and learning and passing on what we would do. It kind of became a co-operative with our ever expanding group contributing and adding what has worked everywhere. We now feel pretty secure with knowledge of your legal system and how to just do the minimum amount to get your case dismissed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. But what it is; is very enlightening and empowering to your self confidence and being. So check out what these people say about it!

So if you use ‘the system against itself’ and want to share your victory or experience, you can email or send us a short video clip to service@caticketbusters.com and we will post it on our blog!

We don’t spam, sell, market or betray your email address with anyone. If you send us your testimonial by email, we will remove part of the email address so it is not out in the public.

I personally have used this on several Traffic tickets in California including speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets, red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets to tie them up and use their own rules of court against them. Remember,  it  works for all California infractions,  to have them treated for our purposes, to hold them to the Misdemeanor laws and rules of court!

Ronald Cupp PHD

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