California Speeding and Traffic Tickets, Fourth & Final court appearance for California Stop Sign Ticket!

By Ronald Cupp PHD

What I am describing  below, I have taught several students on how to beat California speeding and traffic tickets. The ticket does not matter; we only use the court rules against the court. It works on all cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, buy ultram online red light tickets, red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets, and in my case this time the dreaded California Stop Sign Tickets!

I appeared in court today, which was my forth, last & final court appearance for my California stop sign ticket. Whoa, what a ride, and what sweet victory with my dismissal. I had to earn it though, as even when the Commissioner said she would dismiss my case in the I.O.J. (that stands for interest of justice!!!), I got the pleasure to hear her variation and understanding that I was wrong in my understanding of the codes, the Magistrates required signature, blah, blah, blah.

I had the stupid grin on my face as she kept trotting along with her explanation. I kept thinking that I was not sure if it was for the audience’s benefit behind me, or trying to convince herself. Out of 5:46 minutes video below, about 1:43 was challenge/banter and the balance was correcting me and the audience behind me on how I was wrong. But I would happily take it.

But I learned a long time ago to take a victory any way I can and keep my mouth shut. Remember I had filed several motions; one to have the session recorded either audio or steno, so it would be on the record for the appeal. I did not care about this but wanted to keep the recording for my records and to assist my students. I carry a digital recorder to keep the session for my notes so I can transcribe, it is allowed by California rules of court, 1.150d (personal recording devices) but is supposed to have the judge’s approval prior to recording. I have seen the Bailiff’s power trip and take peoples phones and recorders away from them before or during the court. What are they afraid of, that we will have a record of what was said and done?

Another motion besides the demur was a discovery request for the DA, which meant he/they would have to spend a lot of time answering the motions on this stupid damn infraction case (in their mentality). In mine or our mentality it is a violation of our rights to freedom and due process rights, and although the police are needed and have a function, it ticks me off when it is used for chicken s**t stuff like this when they are just trying to extract a fine from us. If they are going to get a fine from me, it is going to cost them time and money. Hopefully more than mine.

It also leaves a bad taste in our mouths when they (the police and justice system) get a portion of the monies for the fines, and their jobs and paychecks are dependent on the outcome of the cases. In all cases you see the commissioner becoming a type of prosecutor instead of adjudicating the cases, even if it is an administrative type hearing case. Listen to my audio’s of my California Stop Sign Ticket. They will hold us to the letter of the law, but stretch or bend the rules for themselves or the police or DA. Still not fair.

And now what else bothers me is police should spend their time doing public safety and serve, stop a burglar, murder, robbery. Something to serve or help the public and not a power trip. I don’t want to hear anymore they raised any California Speeding or Traffic tickets to help with the budget shortfall.

I wouldn’t be so persnickety if I had not been broken down a few times and seen police cars pass me up-and even look at me as they drive by, same goes when I have seen women with kids on side of road and police have passed them up (is it because they were getting off duty or is it not their job anymore). Try calling a policeman when you are in a fender bender and you want an accident report. I have been told they do not do that anymore. But low and behold, you will see them all over the California Traffic Ticket scene hiding on the side of the road pointing their radar or laser at cars coming by.

Enough of this crying, it is why I decided to learn how to stand up for my rights!

What was the cost, in time and money. Going to get 2 time extensions, 10 minutes each. Appearing to get into line (when I did not get into traffic ticket court) 20 minutes remember first time I did not make the cut). First traffic ticket court day, April 27th, includes waiting time to get on docket or calendar, 40 minutes, then (7:20 to 8am), then court did not start until 8:30 so another 30 minutes. About 1 hr 10 minutes for first court appearance when I asked for the verified complaint. Then three trips on return court (May 17, June 7th & 15th), just show up at 8:30 and normally gone by 8:45 or 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes.. Add 2 hrs of driving to and from the court and parking.

I am now into this in time 5 hours & 45 minutes. My ticket was for $394 with California approved traffic ticket school, so add $58 court fee for California traffic ticket school, and about 4 hours for the traffic ticket school (will deduct off the time for court).

I now have 1:45 in time and savings of $452 (not counting the cost of the traffic ticket school), or an EARNINGS TO ME OF $258 per hour. Plus there is no point on my record and no insurance increase.

I have included the video below, so you can hear the banter between the commissioner and myself and that I had to refresh her mind on all of the steps and occurrence events by date.

Again, I personally have used this on several California speeding tickets and California traffic tickets, namely cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets, red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets. It also works for other California misdemeanors and infractions, almost any administrative type hearing or public infraction.

Ronald Cupp PhD

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