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This should be YOU!

Fight & Beat any traffic or speeding ticket in California

Meet Nathan a friend of David from the last post. They are both students. He knows David is on a roll and  won a fix it ticket using our information and services  for tinted windows too dark.

David is a friend so by all means, use what information and services you can to help your BROTHER. We want everybody who learns from us to help their friends, family and loved ones. That is the only way we can begin to change this unjust system.  Also, the best thing we learned is that if you can help people with our information and system, then you know if you really know it or not. If you understand it enough to teach it, you feel more empowered and confident, and it will bring out what you are weak at or need more study.

We also want you to recommended to your friends.

Ronald Cupp PhD




We always love to hear about your victories and overcoming your problems in the process, and want you to share for the benefit of others.

We always protect your privacy or rights so we block out part of your phone number or email.

Please share this with friend or loved ones who need help and please comment on the blog or youtube channel!

Another victory beating a speeding ticket in California Traffic Court!

This is from a student, a young girl, Marissa. Although I helped her, she signed up on her own, did her own downloads and paperwork, watched the videos over and over and prepared for court on her own. I met her once on the court house steps and told her what to do (same instructions on the website, and away she went.

I am always amazed at how some people (like this young girl) can just get up there and stand up for themselves. And others, big mean strong men, sometimes get the jitters. (I did my first time!) Again, she thought it did not work (because she did not know how to use the our system against THE system), but persisted, and Viola! – Victory.

I love teaching young kids (she was early 20’s), because they don’t spend all their time asking me questions or telling me how this won’t work for them! They are open minded, aren’t afraid to jump in and learn, and aren’t afraid to try!

Anyway, this is great, her email is attached below, as always, the emails are in reverse (or the most current on top-beginning on the bottom). If you want to see from the beginning, go to the bottom.

Here she is, Go MARISSA!

end of her email

That is great!!  I love to hear this!  It really pays to go in and stand up for yourself…and in some cases keep going until they give up !

Marissa Sant***

HR Admin Assistant

Phone: 415.472.****

Fax: 415.532.****

Email: marissa.sant***

From: Ron Cupp
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:26 AM
To: Marissa Sant***
Subject: RE: Court

Had two more student cases dismissed also because cops did not show up

From: Marissa Sant*** [mailto:marissa.sant***]
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 1:23 PM
To: Ron Cupp
Subject: Court

Hi Ron,

Had my court date today and good news…case got dismissed!! The DA never responded to the Demurr.  The commissioner told me that the law I was following was wrong, but since the DA didn’t respond she had to dismiss it.  Thanks again for all your help and good luck on your case!!


—–Original Message—–

From: Ron Cupp

Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 10:47 AM

To: mcsant***

Subject: FW: Help with Verified Complaint-Private Consultation


We need to consult soon as you go back to court on 5-13th?



—–Original Message—–

From: ronaldcupp

Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 1:10 PM

To: ‘mcsant*** ‘

Cc: ’’

Subject: Help with Verified Complaint-Private Consultation


Not so, please call my cell 707 974-****. I am not an attorney but I will give you private consultation. Be aware of trickery. It is OK if they give you a ‘true verified complaint’, but for it to be so it must be in writing, stamped and signed by the DA (not the police), under penalty of perjury, and filed (should have court filings date, etc on front page). And lastly, served properly. Also look for a ‘verified notice to appear’ which is not a Verified Complaint.

I don’t know how many times we have come up against this, we have had several times a DA has signed (without stamp), or stamped (without signature), and mostly, stamp and sign BUT NOT FILED the Verified Complaint.

And it is OK if you DO GET a Verified Complaint.

The way the law works, the police were supposed to have a ‘probable cause’hearing withing 15 days of your arrest (which was the day you got the ticket). It had to be before a Magistrate (or Judge, but not a Commissioner), sworn to by the officer (as the NTA was upon ‘information and belief ((which we call heresay)).

So, when they do serve you the Verified Complaint, at your next court appearance (remember you have not pled, you are not under contract with the court nor their jurisdiction), you will object to the service and request a ‘Probable Cause’ hearing. (Normally you are (your case) dismissed at this point). Same if they entered a NG (not guilty) on your court arrangement to get you to come back, if so you will remove the court entered plea and you are back to square one.

We have had several times when they schedule you for a probable cause hearing, and when you show up they Dismiss, then, as the DA has sworn under penalty of perjury to all the facts (and the officer did not have a probable cause hearing within 15 days of the arrest). Remember the DA can lose his job/license by testifying/swearing to something that did not happen.

At a true Probable Cause hearing, you will be before a real Judge, who will go over each and every aspect to ensure that all items were complied with, and dismiss if not. We have not lost a case yet.

If you are the first, then take solace in the fact that it DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING OTHER THAT THE FINE ON THE TICKET YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO PAY, there is no upcharge for you fighting for your rights.

Please fax me the ‘verified complaint’ to 707 585-****.


—–Original Message—–


Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 12:30 PM

To: ‘Ron Cupp’

Subject: FW:

Here ya go!!  Help her… :o )

—–Original Message—–

From: mcsant***

Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2010 10:51 PM



I just wanted to say I purchased this, extensively watched all the video and trainings, filed the verified complaint, and got a legit verified complaint in the mail with the DA’s signature on it. Now I have to pay the $270 speeding ticket and have spent an additional $50 on this.  Now I basically have spent $320 and a lot of time off work :(


begging of email

Ronald Cupp PhD




We always love to hear about your victories and overcoming your problems in the process, and want you to share for the benefit of others.

We always protect your privacy or rights so we block out part of your phone number or email.

Please share this with friend or loved ones who need help and please comment on the blog or youtube channel!

California is a state where relaxation and easy-going routines are essential. Surfing and shopping and enjoying the weather are typical everyday activities, and people love the hustle and bustle of a busy city. But unfortunately, California is also known for its high speeding tickets, growing automobile insurance rates, and for some

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annoying penalties to boot. Speeding tickets in the state of California can vary, but fines can typically exceed $400 for speeding well over the posted speed limit.

However, even if you were technically at fault for speeding when a cop pulls you over, you do have some options to protect yourself during the moment AND before and during any possible court proceedings. No matter what, never admit guilt. This can, and more than likely WILL, be used against you by the police officer if the matter of the speeding ticket ever continues into the courtroom. By admitting guilt, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot–so the best way to accept a speeding ticket is cautiously and with good manners and etiquette–this means pulling the “Yes, Sir, no Sir,” technique with your police officer.

When the police officer pulls you over and present themselves in front of your driver’s side door, roll down the window and play it safe on the side of acting naive. When the officer asks you, “do you know why I pulled you over,” let them know that you don’t. A simple “No, Sir, I am not aware.” By being polite to the officer, this may help you down the road in court when you are protesting your speeding ticket. Getting upset and angry with the police officer will only make the officer angry and more than likely he’ll remember you when your day in court arrives.

If you don’t pay your speeding ticket, you do have the right to protest the speeding ticket within the California courts. Speeding tickets can be contested if you can provide evidence and information that puts you as the non-guilty party, and you will definitely have an edge if the police officer doesn’t show or fails to provide very much evidence to accuse you of the charges documented. If you are found guilty, you may have to attend traffic school, which is entirely a judge’s decision.

Don't get caught speeding

If you find yourself facing a hefty fine for a speeding ticket you obtained in the state of California, it’s a good job to make sure you have everything documented for the sake of any court proceedings that may ensue. No one enjoys the court system, but with a little well-documented data and some information from our website, you can fight your speeding ticket in the California court system without a lawyer or other form of representation. Knowledge is a powerful thing when it comes to fighting traffic tickets, so if you’re looking to duck out from under the penalties of speeding, now is the time to learn the tricks and techniques to help you fight and beat that California speeding ticket!

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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Is it possible to fight and beat a speeding ticket? Well it depends of how you do it. The normal course of events are to contest every aspect of the speeding ticket. Who gave it to you, how was it given, what are the variables, time, weather, visual access, other traffic, distractions, and on and on.

The normal course that people take are to go into the system and argue the ticket with the institutional parties, by that I mean the local court, prosecutors, and police; whom by the way, live there and make their living in this arena. So let’s tie our hands behind our backs, put ear plugs in so you can’t hear or understand what is said,  cover one eye so you can’t see what is coming and have blind sides and pitfalls to trip on, and walk into this arena not knowing the language or the rules.

What kind of odds do you think this will produce what kind of success rate, what the hell are you thinking? Let’s see, the legal system lives there 8+ hours a day, every day! The cops are public servants whose only job is to protect and serve the public, and are trained in every aspect observance of your violation, issuance of your speeding ticket, documentation of your speeding ticket, and how to testify in court about your speeding ticket. And of course, like us, the Judges and Police are human, so they have bad days too. And they will share (nice of them, meaning if they have a bad day, they will pass some of it on to you. How nice.

So that is how most people try to fight and beat their speeding ticket. The next group is the ‘lets not confront the system IN COURT, lets use the ‘file forms’ and fight and beat the speeding ticket by mailing it our defense. Not a Good Success Rate. Maybe one quarter of one percent success rate. Most of these services ‘Guarantee’ their service, and what they will do is file your paperwork. You will need to pay ‘bail’ of your ticket. If you win you get it back, if you don’t, Asta la vista Baby! But, these services still keep their filing or processing fee’s. What a system for them.

Whenever I go to court, there is always 10% of the people who throw themselves on the mercy of the court and ask forgiveness or want some sort of ‘help’. Everytime I have been I will here the Commissioner say something like this. ‘Look behind you, if I give you a break I will have to give everyone behind you a break’. What they will normally do is let you make payments over months, with a court fee and processing fee of course.

It cracks me up when people say they have no money so how can they pay their fine? Well, of course, the court will let you work it off over time doing public service work. And they will credit you a whole $10 per hour for that. If the fines weren’t so expensive it may be a possibility, but say a $400 speeding ticket will cost you 40 hours of work time, a whole solid week. Man was that speeding ticket expensive! They should stand up for themselves and learn how to fight and beat their speeding ticket in less time (3 hours) then working it off for the County.

Lastly, the last group of people, you have the ostrich syndrome people that don’t want to fight and beat their speeding ticket. Head in the sand and all that. Can’t help the horse that does not drink when you take them to the water.

What people don’t know is that even in the worst case scenario, when you want to fight and beat your speeding ticket you are standing up for yourself WITHOUT ADDITIONAL penalties. What that means is that even if or when you lose, you are not going to pay any additional fine, fees, or penalties. It is still the same amount you would have to pay regardless. So why not fight and beat your speeding ticket?

Now with you can learn how to fight and beat your speeding ticket in court without having to argue your case, ticket, infraction in front of the commissioner, magistrate or judge. This system is great, it is founded on using the courts rules, procedures, and codes against itself.

You should see the success rate and  testimonials at youtube. A whole channel to see. viagra purchase This is not to get off any guilty or unsafe drivers, but it is to have the government protect our rights and use our due process so that we are protected. It can still work for the government, keeping us safe and punishing the habitual violator, but to do it properly by ‘assuming’ our innocence until proven guilty, having us face our accuser, and using due process. It has become so lazy with this ‘money mill’ that why should they?

Check out the information at the Caticketbusters blog. We just started but will keep adding articles and links on how to fight and beat your traffic tickets and other self help and stand up for your rights organizations.

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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