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By Ronald Cupp PHD

Attached is an email from a very inspiring student of ours, and as all emails are, you need to go in reverse or read from the bottom up as each subsequent answer is placed on top. I have decided to start doing this so I can catalog our answers to students and others can learn from these interactions with court and solutions. It is always a moving target with tactics and answers changing in response to how the court reacts to each student.

In this one, Keegan (I have removed his last name and portions of his email and phone for privacy) gave us permission to use his activity and he even posted it on YouTube.  Although for privacy I did this, I will give his link to the YouTube as he wanted to pass this on for others to follow.  His emails are in black writing, our response is anything in red.

From: Keegan **** [mailto:keegan****@*****.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2010 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: Broken Links in CATicketBusters-Answers to your questions

Hi Louis,

Here is a link to a recording I made of my court appearance this past Thursday.

There’s a brief intro, and then the recording begins.  I did my best to edit the sound.  I had the mic hidden inside my coat so it scratches when I move, but hopefully you can understand it.

FYI, the part where she (the commissioner, who is new as of Sep 2010 by the way), finishes reading my charges and then mentioning the motions I’d filed, she basically motioned with her hands and expressed with her face, “OK, um, don’t know what to do with you, and said ‘You’ve filed some motions… so go ahead’”.  Looking back, it was quite comical, and pretty cool that I was the only one she never asked “How do you plea” since I had filed with Notarized Affidavit the day prior Removal of Court Entered Plea PC 1018.  

She was very respectful, and kind even.  She did all kinds of “favors” that day, reducing $600 fines all the way down to $300 at times.  ;)

I am amazed that she said on the record “I’ll ask the District Attorney to file a Complaint and I think he will based on the charges” (paraphrased).

This is where California Rules of Court 4.110 applies right? They have 15 days to file the Verified Complaint, and I’m coming back 28 days from this past Thursday, so unless they file before the 15 day mark, they’re outside of Due Process right? Or at least their own rules anyway?  

I imagine the Commissioner will say that this is not a criminal proceeding.

I held off on entering the Demurrer to “Notice to Appear” since she said she’d ask the DA to file a complaint.

Lastly, if you wanted to use my YouTube video on CAticketbusters, it’s in public domain, and I’d be fine with that.

I want this case dismissed!  Thanks for your help.

Keegan ****


The request should have been in writing and filed in court. It is OK, she said she would have the DA produce one. It is OK that the DA will NOT give you a verified complaint (they can’t- they missed time frames, etc).

Your next step is to file a demur to the complaint when you go back to court.

Save your request for additional time to plea (or discovery-or talk to counsel) until you need it. When you file the demur, she will probably deny it on the spot or again tell the DA to answer it.



From: Keegan **** [mailto:keegan****]
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2010 1:03 PM
Subject: Re: Broken Links in CATicketBusters-Answers to your questions

One more thing.

I submitted the request for Verified Complaint via certified mail, with signature proof, but without Notarized Affidavit.  The court accepted it into the case, levitra pharmacy and as I mentioned, and as the Commissioner stated, she’d request the DA produce a complaint.  I noticed she neglected to say “verified” in front of complaint.

Should I submit again with a Notarized Affidavit attached, so they can’t falsify response?

If they do produce a Verified Complaint (first time in history in traffic infractions no?), I will request additional time to enter a plea.



On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Keegan **** <keegan****> wrote:

Hi Louis,


One broken link is the Demurrer to the NTA.  It says “link appears to be broken” in Chrome and Firefox.

Motion and Declaration to Vacate Judgment is also broken.

You should check all the links on this page.  If it works on your computer, perhaps it’s because they’re stored on your computer. If you delete them, or rename them, maybe clear your cookies and cache, then you should see they’re broken links.  Or just use a computer that hasn’t already downloaded them.

Bummer, I need the Demur to the NTA today. I have to file with the clerk today, and show tomorrow.  I think I’ll just Motion to Dismiss and Probable Cause….

Also, I’ll get them all Notarized.

Thanks again.  

Keegan ****


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:09 PM, <> wrote:


 Below is a case that I was just sent, I am passing it on just for additional educational benefits. (I do this for others and you just happened to start!)

Please review my answers below in your questions in the body of the email.

 Conley v Gibson U.S. Supreme Court (1957) on making a Sufficient Statement of Facts:  A rule 12 (b) for dismissal of a Title 42; Section 1983, action cannot be granted to a defendant(s) if you follow what is stated in this case.

 This is the benchmark case here guys & gals for the Fed Rule 12 (b) motion to dismiss.  Please Read.

 Don’t forget:

 Always ATTACH a Notarized Affdavit to your VERIFIED complaint as to the truth of FACTS stated in ALL your pleadings from now on! 

 REGARDLESS of what it is.

 When you do this, they (your) defendant) must do the same.  If they FALISFY their answer in any way to do the same, you prevail and they (your opponet)  is/are on the hook, NOT you.

 Verified means supported by a SEPARATE AFFIDVIT (attached) as to the truth of the matters set forth in the complaint. (2A C.J.S. fn 9.).

 From: Keegan ****
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2010 12:26 AM
Subject: Broken Links in CATicketBusters


 I am finding your course to be extremely enlightening, empowering, and I’m enjoying this very much :)

 I wanted to bring it to you attention that there are a few broken links within the Resources section.

 Also, I wanted to ask for verification of the process I’ve taken.

 Step 1: I requested an extension with the clerk. GOOD

Step 2: The same day the extension was given, I sent via Certified Mail (with receipt of delivery sent back to me), the Verified Complaint Demand on pleading paper.  I did this to enter into the record and “serve the court” in an appropriate way, rather than trying to serve it across the bench, which they could deny. IN FUTURE, SERVE OVER BENCH OR WITH CLERK, WE WANT A COURT STAMP.

 I’m breaking this one down into small items:

Step 3: The court responded with PLEA AND NOTICE OF COURT TRIAL (CVC 40519), in writing with a Trial Date (the officer to be present), said the NTA counts as a complaint in lieu of a Verified Complaint. Look up demur in the Resourses section, you will need to file this (it is a challenge to the NTA). 

 A Not Guilty plea is entered (You will need to file a PC1018 removal of court entered plea-so you are back to normal when you go to court and not under their Jurisdiction),

 I waive time, and they cited CVC 40513(a) (and neglected b and c of course). So remember (look up 40513), when was it filed with the Magistrate? (remember a Commissioner is NOT a Magistrate (see PC 808) Also it says that the defendant MAY plead, not that you have to. Also that a Defendant may, by an agreement in writing, subscribed by him or her and filed with the court, waive the filing of a verified complaint and elect that the prosecution may proceed upon a written NTA. Question is: did you give them an agreement in writing?

  I will adhere to section (b), and not agree to the NTA being a Verified Complaint as you mentioned in your video.  There is a place for my address, date, signature, and phone.  WHAT A RACKET! It’s everything I won’t do!  Like I’m going to sign and enter into contract with them!


 So to recap, we want the following motions filed: All under the resources tab.

 Written Request for verified complaint

Demur against the NTA

Removal of Court Entered Plea (PC 1018)

 You will frustrate them (sometimes they just don’t listen as you are quoting the penal code to them and they don’t want to hear it or they think they know it.)

Remember, it is important to get all this in for the record, so if they kangaroo court you, you can beat them on appeal. It is for the record we want all of this. Whenever you THINK something is wrong, object for the record. Even if you don’t know why. Don’t hesitate to ask for dismissal also and they have to rule on your requests. Remember this if for the record. Remember, no emotions or anger, just a person standing up for their rights and asking questions of how they can do this if the penal code says different. (They tell me you can quote the penal code incorrectly-of course)

 So, it is important to file 5 days before your court date (even though most can be ((especially the demur PC 1002-1006 states over the bench in open court at time of arraignment)), because I can see the Officer in court and they will just try and hold a trial. When that happens, object-for your due process rights. It will be denied. Then let them proceed, the judge will ask the officer what happened, and then he will turn to you and ask for your side of the story. Just say you are not here to try when you have not been properly charged. Then state or show him the court entered plea removal and that you want to file the demur.


If the judge is not listening to you, for the record, tell him you want to file a Peremptory Challenge PC 170.6, which means you feel he is prejudicial to you and that you want a new Commissioner.

 Let me know what happens after that and I will attempt to help you. Lastly, we can’t find any broken links. Can you help us out with where they were.

  The court date, which I think requires my signature to be valid, is Dec 16th.  I think I should appear (as I planned) next week, and request in person the Verified Complaint, thereby initiating the 15-day time limit for the Court to produce a true Verified Complaint.  Then, depending on what they do, I’ll show up after the 15 days, and request dismissal based on lack of prosecution (and cites California Rules of Court 4.110 I think).

 Lastly, I’m an internet marketer, and would like to promote this Clickbank product, but I need all the Resource links to be fixed before doing so.  I will also be documenting everything to use as testimony to the “awesomeness” of this system/methodology.  Can I have a video camera and audio record the hearing?  Or just record the hearing?  Should I hide it?  Should I let them know? The CRC (California Rules of Court) say you can record for your own records and notes only, but you must get the judge’s permission first. Is your court minutes recorded by the court? Sometimes they are and you can buy them, that is the best record. I personally have and HIDE a digital recorder when I appear on the bench.

 Thanks for your time.

Keegan H***

 I will always follow privacy and confidentially unless you give us permission.

So if you use ‘the system against itself’ and want to share your victory or experience, you can email or send us a short video clip to and we will post it on our blog!

We don’t spam, sell, market or betray your email address with anyone. If you send us your testimonial by email, we will remove part of the email address so it is not out in the public.

I personally have used this on several Speeding tickets in California  and traffic tickets, cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets,
red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets to tie them up and use their own rules of court against them. Remember,  it  works for all California infractions, 
to have them treated for our purposes, to hold them to the Misdemeanor laws and rules of court!

Ronald Cupp PHD

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  1. Andy says:

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