Court Appearances for a Seat Belt Ticket

By Ronald Cupp PHD

I received an email from one of our friends (Damon who beat his ticket from the skate park and gave us a testimonial- He has been helping one of his friends, Valerie who got a seat belt ticket and proof of insurance fix it ticket.  This is the 3rd appearance for her, I think, and we still have not plead and have filed a Demur, AND the Assistant District Attorney has actually filed a response to our demur. Never has anybody gone this far to fight it. We must be making ground. They also caught him recording the proceedings, and DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT! Spanked him for it, took his phone and erased his recordings. Now, does that sound like someone has something to hide?

This is the email from Damon to me!

So they confiscated my phone today when they noticed I was recording.  The bailiff had his cockles up and feathers ruffled, it was quite amusing.  He threatened to haul me off and lock me up, that no recordings were allowed.  When I asked if this was a court of record and reported that Marin County records audio, he said he didn’t care, this is how they do it here.  Meanwhile, BONILLA took a recess and the whole court stopped while the bailiff took me outside for the tongue lashing/finger pointing session.  He was very stern and his thick mustache wide.

When he was giving my phone back to me (I had to return at noon to collect it) he asked me how many recordings I’d made, to which I answered one, today, and he told me I’d made three (he missed another half dozen of KLINGLER and DENNARD), and that they had my name on file and if I ever got caught again they would prosecute, but today the Commissioner didn’t want to press charges.  I noticed he had erased all the recordings I made of the BORTON case from my phone, so here goes BONILLA’s replies from memory:

Motion to dismiss denied because subject matter jurisdiction retained because she holds that the NTA is a VC.  She said “I know we disagree on this” and went on to explain that everyone would get through if she caved on this issue.

The Commissioner went on to enter a plea, to which Ms. BORTON objected, to which BONILLA said she was going to do it anyway, that she would only be infringing on people’s rights if it was a GUILTY plea!  This was another point where BONILLA said if she let people not plea nothing would get done and they’d have to let everybody off.

She wouldn’t accept todays Motion to Dismiss based on 5 points including Speedy Trial violation saying that we’d already served the motion to dismiss, and that serving a new motion didn’t allow the DA time to respond.  About the Speedy Trial levitra cheap violation, she said if we didn’t keep filing voluminous pleadings it would have been settled long ago, even though Ms. BORTON told her about the 45 days from the date of citation.

Deputy DA Law Clerk Andrew was asked several times if he had anything to say, but he only objected to the use of KLINGLER’s exhibit, which the Commissioner also denied, saying it was in the public record and hadn’t been ruled on, so it had no bearing, relevance, or weight.

Basically she denied everything,  upheld the NTA and continued for Dec 23rd WHEN THE COP WOULD SHOW UP (they made sure to check the calendar).  Still no city atty.

Thanks for the message the other day Paul, that was an interesting remark on making them “bring into court the unrevealed contract existing between THE PEOPLE and municipal corporation showing where they were given authority”

Ron: Can we get some help?  Paul needs the transcripts from todays appearance: Case No. SRO###### because there were several places she tripped over herself and they will be valuable in the appeal.

I copied this so everyone can learn as we go, without giving up the peoples privacy. This is an ongoing saga and I will post you on this on our next update adventure!

I personally have used this on several Traffic tickets in California including speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets,
red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets to tie them up and use their own rules of court against them. Remember,  it  works for all California infractions,
to have them treated for our purposes, to hold them to the Misdemeanor laws and rules of court!

Ronald Cupp PHD

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