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By Ronald Cupp PHD

We are www.caticketbusters.com. We don’t care if you got the speeding ticket, cell phone ticket, red light ticket, seat belt ticket, commute lane ticket, stop sign ticket, or any traffic ticket. Whether you are guilty or innocent. We have a learning library of short, informative, and specific videos on how to beat all the traffic tickets. It is full of real court PDF’s of actual clients who have won. AND we have blank word.doc forms for you to fill out for your own case.

This site is about several things; mostly how to use the court and the court system to beat itself, and your traffic ticket, in California. We do this by using the court rules and regulations and procedures against itself, mostly because the court, at present, either does not care as much about procedure (or protecting your rights) or that it is functioning at an acceptable level with people just standing in line for hours to pay their tickets; and NOT wanting to fight the system or know how to stand up for their rights!

Our system works (or should I say the legal system does not work) and we guarantee our services. The system is broken, and that is the only reason we can win. We are the ONLY service that uses the court system against itself, and we are not about arguing the ticket with the judge or the police officer.

If the system gets a wake up call because too many of YOU (our clients) can walk out without paying a cent, then we will deal with it later. This site and our services were created because we have all been stung, got feed up, and learned how to use the system to beat the system and bog it down. We want you to learn to fight and beat your traffic ticket on your own. Feed a man a fish for a day or teach you how to fish so you can take care of yourself forever!

This is not a site for BAD guys to get off, even though it works for everybody, whether you are guilty or NOT. It’s not about letting dangerous or habitual offenders off to affect the safety of other law abiding citizens.

We never argue the speeding ticket or the facts of the commute lane ticket in court. It is immaterial what the facts of the traffic ticket are. We use the court rules against itself, and they get mad and try and trip you up. They will say what you are doing is a technicality, but are your rights a technicality? If not, they would use it back against you! Believe this. So they hold you to the letter purchase viagra of the law, you can use the same laws to hold them accountable to work within their own legal system. Heck, it’s their own rules, and it’s not our fault they cannot comply.

We are your advocates! Get this if nothing else, you need to be your own advocate and you can only do it if you know your rights, how to defend yourself, and what the basis of law is. You don’t need to spend a ton of time learning stuff you will never use, but if you watch TV you will see people’s rights being run over daily only because they just don’t know the rights given to them by law. Of course you think they (police, district attorney, courts, etc) would not treat you wrong or violate your rights, but it happens every day. With our information system at www.caticketbusters.com you will learn what you need in regards to the court and your traffic ticket. You don’t need to know how to build a car engine, only how to turn the keys to start the car and then drive it!

Regarding the traffic tickets and the financial intercourse that comes with most speeding tickets, like points on your record and the insurance increase for four years after each speeding ticket, loss of driving license or privileges!  Lo’ and behold hopefully you will not have more than one ticket at a time! If you get 2 or 3 tickets you can end up paying a lot of cash. Of course the State, County and City have an agreed split of your revenues. But it is not for the money they always say, but to save lives and help citizens. I know in their hearts they want to believe that because who could work for someone and know they are taking advantage of everyone. And of course the police do not have quotas (because it is against the law to do so!). There really is a Santa!

So Hello world, we are here for you. Bookmark or RSS feed us and soon we will start coming up with short informative articles and links on how to beat your speeding ticket, cell phone ticket, red light ticket, seat belt ticket, commute lane ticket, stop sign ticket, or any traffic ticket – and it won’t cost you a single cent!

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate!

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