How to fight and beat your traffic ticket

By Ronald Cupp PHD

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets, what type and how many? This article ‘How to fight and beat your get viagra traffic ticket’ starts with what are the main types. I group them as speeding ticket, commute lane or preferential lane ticket, seat belt ticket, red light ticket and now red light camera ticket, stop sign or Ca. stop ticket, and cell phone ticket (the newest of the bunch). You now must use ‘hands free’.

Some of the above (or all of the above) are Big Brother related. Don’t you love that Big Brother gets to decide what is good for us, safe for us. Heck, the newest one, cell phone ticket, is totally ridicules. Yes it can me unsafe to talk on a phone while driving, but it’s OK to smoke, drink (water, soda, hot coffee, etc), eat anything you want (even things that take two hands-yup I do that sometimes also. I’ve driven with my left knee on the wheel and my right foot on the gas while I had both hands going with food and drink), talk and play with friends in the car, listen to music, etc. Where does it stop.

I read an article about cell phone tickets, and it was from the Insurance Industry. Their own statistics showed it was no safer whether it was hands free or not. This was after a period of time that they studied the accidents and claims.

Always with good intent, Big Brother is always there to watch our back. Or are they. It’s no doubt it’s always been a control issue (only on items they really want to-let’s not get into smoking or drinking which kill hundreds of thousands of citizens a year-but who support the politicians with contributions). I was having to laugh, when they are now even looking into telling resturants what they can feed us or cook the food with for us.

Behind it all, the Government, I will still say with good intentions (I’ve never seen a politician go into Office with the intent to do harm-but it don’t take long to correct them.) Of course, they want bigger Government, we want smaller. And it takes money to run Big Brother. And in life, we spend what we earn. And nowadays, we spend regardless of what or how much we earn. If we make a grand, we spend a grand. If the Government doesn’t spend it’s budget it won’t get it next year, so have you ever seen a budget not used?

I got off track, silly me. The point is this, Big Brother needs money to continue to pay for his way of playing (that is what I call his job). California is now in a continual budget deficit of $20 Billion. So a recent article by Shane Goldmacher of the LA Times (January 9, 2010), ‘Speed sensors on red-light cameras could raise money fast’, shows that the Govenator Arnie wants to add ‘speeding ticket sensor’ to ‘red light camera ticket machines’, starting with 500 cameras. They estimate that just adding the ‘speeding ticket sensors’ would nab an Additional 2.4 million speeding ticket violators ON TOP of the ‘red light camera ticket’. At a base value of $225 per violation, they estimate $338 Million dollars revenue for the states coffers.

So now it has gone from attempting to helping us or saving us from ourselves, to looking at us as the ‘rich uncle’, meaning $$$. Now, how fair is that. The Officers who write the tickets are paid by the Counties and State that benefit from the ‘saving us’ ‘cell phone ticket’, and so is the ‘Commissioner’ who gets to see that ‘Justice’ is done. So how does that work? The cop who writes the cell phone ticket, the commissioner gets to decide if we are ‘guilty’ of violating the laws regarding cell phone ticket, and all are paid by the revenue from the cell phone ticket.

What a world, next it could be that you are wearing yellow tennis shoes and you should be wearing steel toed boots to save our feet from being run over by a car. You think this is a joke or far off???

Now with you can learn how to fight and beat your red light camera tickets in court without having to argue your case, ticket, infraction in front of the commissioner, magistrate or judge. This system is great, it is founded on using the courts rules, procedures, and codes against itself.

You should see the success rate and testimonials at youtube. A whole channel to see. This is not to get off any guilty or unsafe drivers, but it is to have the government protect our rights and use our due process so that we are protected. It can still work for the government, keeping us safe and punishing the habitual violator, but to do it properly by ‘assuming’ our innocence until proven guilty, having us face our accuser, and using due process. It has become so lazy with this ‘money mill’ that why should they?

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate


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