Nathan Andreassen Speeding Ticket student loves us!

By Ronald Cupp PHD
This should be YOU!

Fight & Beat any traffic or speeding ticket in California

Meet Nathan a friend of David from the last post. They are both students. He knows David is on a roll and  won a fix it ticket using our information and services  for tinted windows too dark.

David is a friend so by all means, use what information and services you can to help your BROTHER. We want everybody who learns from us to help their friends, family and loved ones. That is the only way we can begin to change this unjust system.  Also, the best thing we learned is that if you can help people with our information and system, then you know if you really know it or not. If you understand it enough to teach it, you feel more empowered and confident, and it will bring out what you are weak at or need more study.

We also want you to recommended www.caticketbusters.com to your friends.

Ronald Cupp PhD




We always love to hear about your victories and overcoming your problems in the process, and want you to share for the benefit of others.

We always protect your privacy or rights so we block out part of your phone number or email.

Please share this with friend or loved ones who need help and please comment on the blog or youtube channel!

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