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California is a state where relaxation and easy-going routines are essential. Surfing and shopping and enjoying the weather are typical everyday activities, and people love the hustle and bustle of a busy city. But unfortunately, California is also known for its high speeding tickets, growing automobile insurance rates, and for some

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annoying penalties to boot. Speeding tickets in the state of California can vary, but fines can typically exceed $400 for speeding well over the posted speed limit.

However, even if you were technically at fault for speeding when a cop pulls you over, you do have some options to protect yourself during the moment AND before and during any possible court proceedings. No matter what, never admit guilt. This can, and more than likely WILL, be used against you by the police officer if the matter of the speeding ticket ever continues into the courtroom. By admitting guilt, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot–so the best way to accept a speeding ticket is cautiously and with good manners and etiquette–this means pulling the “Yes, Sir, no Sir,” technique with your police officer.

When the police officer pulls you over and present themselves in front of your driver’s side door, roll down the window and play it safe on the side of acting naive. When the officer asks you, “do you know why I pulled you over,” let them know that you don’t. A simple “No, Sir, I am not aware.” By being polite to the officer, this may help you down the road in court when you are protesting your speeding ticket. Getting upset and angry with the police officer will only make the officer angry and more than likely he’ll remember you when your day in court arrives.

If you don’t pay your speeding ticket, you do have the right to protest the speeding ticket within the California courts. Speeding tickets can be contested if you can provide evidence and information that puts you as the non-guilty party, and you will definitely have an edge if the police officer doesn’t show or fails to provide very much evidence to accuse you of the charges documented. If you are found guilty, you may have to attend traffic school, which is entirely a judge’s decision.

Don't get caught speeding

If you find yourself facing a hefty fine for a speeding ticket you obtained in the state of California, it’s a good job to make sure you have everything documented for the sake of any court proceedings that may ensue. No one enjoys the court system, but with a little well-documented data and some information from our website, you can fight your speeding ticket in the California court system without a lawyer or other form of representation. Knowledge is a powerful thing when it comes to fighting traffic tickets, so if you’re looking to duck out from under the penalties of speeding, now is the time to learn the tricks and techniques to help you fight and beat that California speeding ticket!

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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