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I went to the Circus today, it was the open traffic ticket court line where you sign up for the privilege of going to the cashier to pay money. I got there 20 minutes early (7:40 am for 8am court call), and there was already 87 people in front of me (yes-I had time to count them), as 8 o’clock came, there was now in excess of 200 people standing in a ring line around the packed hallway waiting for the doors to open.

The door opened, and I heard one of the girls who work there who came out, “we are scheduling for the open traffic court today, we can take 30 people for the court session”. (funny, I heard that and thought, what is everybody else here for if they can only take 30 people?) As the line meandered, most of us shifted our stance from foot to foot or leaned up against the wall. As it took us till 8:30 am when a very pissed off blond girl came out and announced to everyone in the hallway that they were filled up and that the *******’s did not have the ****’s to come out and tell us.

We all looked around and then about 5 minutes later one of the clerk girls came out and announced that “the ‘court calendar’ was full now, to come back. Tomorrow is a furlough day, so Thursday is the next day. Anybody who is at their deadline, to wait in line and get an extension”.

The grumbles and moaning continuing, with several comments like ‘This **** has got to stop, someone has to do something about this!’. There was a rush of people (men-women-young-old-poor and wealthy) all dragging their feet as they realized that they just wasted their time that morning and ‘could not get an audience with the cashier’ (traffic commissioner) that day.

So with over 200 people, they took 70ish and sent 130 home. Talk propecia finasteride about a business that has plenty of customers in this recession! It’s like a guaranteed future receivable to come back and pay at their convenience. It reminded me of Brad Pitt in ‘Inglorious Bastards’ where he says ‘My business is killing Nazi’s, and business is A Booming!”

I already have had two extensions, and was told my last one was it. No more. (I was not there for fun, on August 4, 2009, I was on my way to a job. Stopped at a stop sign, but the cop said I had not completely stopped and my bumper was sticking over the white line-so a Stop Sign ticket).

They (the County) got so busy they could not even send out their ‘courtesy notices’. Now aint that a courtesy? I had not received my notice so I went in around December 15th, and got my extension. I went back on February 23rd and got my FINAL extension for March 23rd. (I went to court today as I will be gone next week). So today, I get my final, final extension to come back end of April. Who know’s where it will end. It is now 8 months and I won’t appear in front of the Commissioner for 9 months from the stop sign ticket.

There was a whole article (Called Traffic-ticket gridlock on January 29, 2010) in the Press Democrat about the county now is going to write 80,000 tickets this year. Where they can’t even get the ‘courtsey notices’ sent out in time (45 days) and that they have the night shift cops, etc working on it every extra moment. It’s their revenue!!

Talk about a business! Where else can you have standing clients and only service about 35%, and constantly tell the unserviced to come back without losing business. And to take ‘furlough days’ when you can’t even service your existing customers. (I know the State is broke, can you see why?)

Funny part was, I was grinning as I have been trained by CaTicketBusters and I knew what I was going to do and when to do it. I can’t wait for my day in court! There is no feeling in the world like the security and confidence you get when you are not scared and you can stand up against bullies and defend yourself. I handed out a couple of cards to some of the protesters who where still there that looked like they were ready to take the next step.

And so it continues  . . . . . . will keep you updated on the court appearance.

Ronald Cupp

Your Advocate

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