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Went again to open Traffic Court this morning. Up at 6, leave home at 7, hit Starbucks for coffee, then off the open traffic court to start the process to Beat my Stop Sign Ticket. Last month was the circus, had 200 people show up to try and get into court, only about 70 got in and 130 had to leave to come again another day to fight their Traffic Tickets. They had told me I was past all of my extensions for court, but gave me another one anyway to April 27, 2010 (today’s appearance) as it was not our fault the court is too busy to take us in like sheep to the slaughter. Armed with another extension to get to today, I am in line at 7:18, 42 minutes before they open the door. I am already 46th in line and know at least today I will get in to the Commissioner to hear my case regarding my stop sign ticket.

Get in, told to go to Department (that’s court talk for room) 14 by 8:30. Got there and waited with everybody else to get in. I have now heard everybody’s tale of woe; “how it was not their fault, they did not do it, I did it but need leniency, I brought the cigarette butt to show I did not throw it out the car”, and on and on. I love to hear the ‘professional’ goers, who tell everybody what to expect, what to say, and how they know (by several trips there of course!).

Anyway, today was a jewel. I had Commissioner Carla Bonilla, who tried to retire in January (I think). She is someone who cares, someone who listened to the people and their propecia online buy tales of woe, whether they were unemployed, what happened, etc. It was one of the longest court sessions (with a mandatory 15 minute break) I had had for about 30 people.  I was there from 7:18 on, but the court ran me from 8:30 to 11:18.

Commissioner Bonilla explained everything in detail, what the options were, and what she could do for people. And more importantly, she did. Out of my many court appearances (I go for friends and clients and just to watch and learn), who dismissed a couple ‘in the interest of justice’, she constantly gave less fines and penalties when she could within her discrepancy. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had.

When it was my turn, I handed my written request for a Verified Complaint as I learned from Caticketbusters to the bailff (Sheriff) and it was ignored unless the Commissioner wanted to see it or unless I demand she read it and take it under consideration. I turned on my recorder and she was explaining what my situation was, what the ticket was for, how many points I had on my record and when they could come off, what she could do for me, then what my options were.  It was so good I almost wanted to take it (whatever it was as she is so nice and caring).

But alas, NO, I did my legal stuff. Objected to the Notice to Appear, Requested additional time to plea, and requested a Verified Complaint. She went thru the understandings and misunderstandings of time and that my NTA (notice to appear) is the Verified Complaint, etc., etc.

We obviously have a difference of opinion and I believe her understanding of the Verified Complaint and some of the Time Limites are off, but did not care. (I had just studied the Judges Bench Guide and the Court Procedures, and  the Penal Codes that apply-supplied by, so I felt ready. I got what I wanted, my three items were on the record and I was set to return May 17, 8:30 am and I don’t have to wait in line for all the schedules. Whew! In any event, its like a chess game, only I know the next possible moves and my counter moves to their moves! (are you dizzy yet).

Long story short, got my legal chess game on the board in 2 1/2 hours, and set for hopeful dismissal on May 17th.

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

These days, we’re always in a rush to get somewhere. And something as simple as making a full stop at a stop sign may escape us. We typically don’t realize we’ve done it

You didn't stop at that stop sign back there....

until after we see the police car behind us with its lights on. As quickly as you slid through that intersection, a cop is right on your tail, ready to write you up a stop sign ticket violation in your sunny state of California.

But don’t fear–there IS a way to fight and beat that stop sign traffic ticket, outside or inside of the courtroom.

First off, it’s important to be respectful and polite with the police officer that pulls you over. Don’t admit fault, don’t admit guilt, and be sure that the police officer doesn’t make any mistakes on your stop sign ticket. If he does, just politely point out the error and ask him if he could correct it. This can make or break you if the issue ever continues on in court.

There are a few different defenses that you could employ when trying to defend your stop sign ticket. If the stop sign has not always been at that location and has been just recently installed at that intersection, you could us that as a defense–that you’ve driven by that intersection a number of times, and that it hasn’t been there until recently. You could also prove that the incident was a “mistake of fact” in order to have your stop sign ticket dismissed in its entirety. So say, perhaps, that there were markings that were worn away at the intersection. Depending on the weather, you could say that the stop sign line was not visible due to the darkness or the rain, or that the lines were not clear and reflective enough. Or perhaps there was an overgrown bush near the stop sign that may have obstructed the view of the sign itself. This could also be considered when fighting your stop sign ticket.


Another defense that you can use is by proving that the police officer was not in a good location by the stop sign in order to clearly and accurately see the situation that occurred. You could also use the defense that your conduct was legally justified and was made in order to avoid harm to you or others. This would be the case if you were swerving to avoid an accident and perhaps ran a stop sign because you were distracted and shook up from the incident. In addition to using “mistake of fact” as a defense for the ticket, you may be able to use some of these other attempts in order to fight your stop sign ticket in the state of California.

Just remember that when it comes to stop sign tickets, there are many different ways you can defend yourself when forced to fight it in the courtroom in front of a judge. But if you are prepared and have your resources together, you may be able to successfully fight the stop sign ticket in order to have it dismissed altogether.  Fight and Beat your Stop Sign Ticket!

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Your Advocate

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