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Meet Damien,

Damien did his testimonial on his own, at his house with his own computer. (now I’m shamelessly showing how easy it is for you to do so after you ‘Bust your Ticket with’) Short, to the point, and truthful. Who, what, when, where, why, that’s all I ask.   A minute or less.

Anyway propecia online prescription back to Damien, a moving violation in Sonoma County. A California traffic ticket! No less. He is a local boy so when he joined up (he made a couple of appearances before I talked to him) I had him come in and we ‘played court’, I rehearsed with him what they could say or how they could treat him and we went over his responses and his paperwork.  Most importantly we scripted his items so he could not be rattled.  I can’t stress how important this is. Like Bill Walsh scripting his opening drive or 12 plays. He  was very secure and confident, and it was all about the principle of the traffic ticket and not about the money. He won!

So if you use ‘the system against itself’ and want to share your victory or experience, you can email or send us a short video clip to and we will post it on our blog!

We don’t spam, sell, market or betray your email address with anyone. If you send us your testimonial by email, we will remove part of the email address so it is not out in the public.

I personally have used this on several stop sign tickets in California  and traffic tickets, cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets,
red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets to tie them up and use their own rules of court against them. Remember,  it  works for all California infractions, 
to have them treated for our purposes, to hold them to the Misdemeanor laws and rules of court!

Ronald Cupp PHD

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