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As I said in previous writings and testimonials, we went on for a long time feeling like we were the underground and that we should not expose ourselves. But our contacts and friend base kept growing bigger and bigger.  We continued to help people fight their California Traffic Tickets.

You know when they write 100,000 tickets per day, it’s not hard to know somebody who knows somebody who got a ticket and needs help. We would welcome them and show them what we got and what we do.

When we first started off, it was only for traffic and speeding tickets, and the like. But we soon found out it works for everything that a ticket does. Your due process rights and the legal system are the same for all of them.

We have had them for Animal Control (a person had 6 dogs and was only allowed 4, in the County limits-who knew?), we have had them for Fish and Game (a person got written up for the Officer being able to slip in a 4th shotgun shell when you are only allowed 3-but the gun was factory plugged and legal-no modifications-so that’s not right). I had a construction employee who was busted for ‘cock fighting’, and got off (you don’t have to approve what each person’s crime or infraction is, but to know is works for negotiating with the Officers or Agency’s or the Courts).

Below you will find two cases,

one for an adult (35 years old) who was given a ticket for skateboarding in a public park, but did not have all of the required safety gear on. Wait a minute, I thought the law was only for 16 year olds and younger! Well actually it is but it did not stop the officer from writing him a ticket.

Meet Damon, the safety equipment violator! PUBLIC ENEMY #1

The second one was for a drunk in public. He is of legal age, went out for his birthday, had dinner and drinks, and was not feeling good. He went outside and sat down as he was nauseated, and went to sleep in the parking lot. Not a public nuisance or causing trouble. He woke up with cops having him pinned down, knees in his back and neck, and was written a ticket for Public Intoxication/Drunk in Public and the ‘piece de resistance’, resisting arrest. Remember he woke up with the Officers holding him down and hooking him up. He was not awakened and then talked to before they hooked him up. And he was not bothering anybody, and he easily could have been taken home by one of his friends he was out with. But no, arrested for drunk in public and resisting arrest.

Meet Josh, the arresting resistor and public intoxicator! PUBLIC ENEMY #2

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As you can see, they both got off.  They used  and used the legal system against itself and stood up for their rights. We have to decide when to and when not to. Most of us decide it’s not worth it and I’ll pay the fine, then it’s on your record and your insurance goes up, etc. Most wish they had not when they had to do it over again. Remember, once you learn this, you can use it for anything, not just speeding or traffic tickets. You want to know what empowerment is? Knowing your rights and how to use them (without having to get angry, emotional, or out of control) with the security that you will not be taken advantage of by an unjust money collecting system.

So if you use ‘the system against itself’ and want to share your victory or experience, you can email or send us a short video clip to and we will post it on our blog!

We don’t spam, sell, market or betray your email address with anyone. If you send us your testimonial by email, we will remove part of the email address so it is not out in the public.

I personally have used this on several Speeding tickets in California  and traffic tickets, cell phone tickets, commuter lane tickets, red light tickets, red light camera tickets and seat belt tickets to tie them up and use their own rules of court against them. Remember,  it  works for all California infractions,  to have them treated for our purposes, to hold them to the Misdemeanor laws and rules of court!

Ronald Cupp PHD

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