Why Traffic School is a Waste of Time?

By Ronald Cupp PHD

traffic schoolSo you’ve gotten a traffic ticket or any other ticket.

You’re probably thinking you can either go to court and contest it, pay the hundreds of dollars so you don’t have to deal with it, and that either way you’ll end up spending more money and time in traffic school. There are a large number of traffic schools, some in person, some have comedy, some serve pizza, and many offer traffic school online. But, after paying the ticket, the fees, and the traffic school, who wants to waste time going to traffic school? It’s like sitting in detention after everyone else gets to go play all weekend.

What if there way another way to beat your traffic ticket that was simple, worked every time, and got you out of paying the fine AND no traffic school?

There are a large number and wide variety of people, agencies, lawyers, forums and blogs, as well as ebooks all claiming to teach you how to beat a speeding ticket by creating and fabricating ‘evidence’. Many hours, visiting the ’scene’, taking pictures, documenting and building a case that you were in the right and the officer was wrong for writing you a ticket. If it was a speeding ticket they tell you how to research the latest arguments why the radar gun doesn’t work, how to challenge the officer’s use of it, it’s calibration, placement, readings, etc.

Does that sound like fun?

You’ll learn more about meaningless details and nothing of substance propecia prescription which may or may not have you paying your traffic ticket plus traffic school. What if there was yet ANOTHER way? What if there was a magic letter and magic words to tell the judge that would have him dismiss your ticket without having to pay any fines or traffic school? What if it worked EVERY TIME?

I know what you are thinking, I was thinking the same thing when I first heard about it. “No way!” And then I tried it. I learned more in 5 minutes about what a plea is, why they want you to plea, how entering a plea in court is admitting guilt, and how NOT to plea. Can you imagine? It’s their first question: “Ms./Mr. Jones, How Do You Plea?” They tell you that you can choose from one of three pleas: Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest/Nolo Contendre (just to further confuse you with legalese latin). Guilty actually means you are admitting the ticket is correct, and that you accept any sanctions/penalties and fines that go along with it, basically whatever they want to do to you, you are bending over and taking it. No Contest or Nolo Contendre means that you would like to know what else they can pile on top of your admitting guilt.

Okay, boring, right? You knew all that and you know what a plea of Not Guilty means too. Well read on! Not Guilty: now this is where it gets interesting. You would think that Not Guilty means that you are not admitting you are guilty to what they are accusing you of on the ticket the officer wrote (or meter maid or red light camera). Not So! When you enter a plea of Not Guilty, you are actually admitting to being at the scene, that you were a party to the action of being pulled over/parked/or involved in some other moving violation. When the judge asks you, “How Do You Plea?” he is actually asking you if you’d like to contract with the court for the service they rendered in pulling you over in exchange for the fees they are requesting.

Did you get that?? Read it again! They are asking you if you’d like to sign a contract to pay them! I couldn’t believe when I first heard it either.

If you’d like to pay them for the privilege of getting pulled over, enter any plea you’d like, they’re all the same! They all admit guilt, they all bind you to a forced contract you are not interested in participating in! You were forced under duress to sign their contract, with the threat of taking you to jail while they stand there with a hand gun, mace, handcuffs, and baton if you didn’t sign. So you signed. So what now? What about that magic letter that could legally erase my ticket in front of the judge’s eyes?

Well my friend, you’ve found THE ONLY place on the web where it’s possible: The Easy Way To Dismiss ANY Traffic Ticket! Go to Get Your Free Report Today!

Damon Derringer

Damon is a contributing author, fellow learner of our rights, a client, protester of injustice and legal rights promoter. You can find him on facebook Damon Derringer.

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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